Born and raised in Montréal, I am forever intrigued and energized by all things creative, cultural and outside the box - so long as it doesn't come at the cost of integrity. 

I am fully dedicated to helping small businesses grow without compromising their values.



- Liz



While I started out in Medical Administration (working mostly in Sports Medicine Clinics) in 2008 I jumped on the opportunity to work for a small retail company in the Interior Design trade.


What began as an administrative position, eventually and organically evolved into a career in marketing. After all, I had always taken initiative with anything content/creative in the past. Fast forward to a decade later, I enjoy being part of a team, while taking on side contracts to keep me on my toes.


Having a natural passion for creating the perfect user experience allows me to balance your brand and priorities, with your client's needs and desires. Paired with a "can do" attitude and continuing my expertise with online webinars and courses, I apply best practice and fuse your comforts with reliable techniques.

Whether it's a simple logo, setting up your social media or a full website, I truly enjoy helping small businesses grow, especially here in Chateauguay. My absolute favourite thing about marketing is creating content! I could do that all day long, and on most days I do!


I'm a city girl who absolutely loves nature and quiet. Which is ironic as I have a lively family of four, and my two daughters could easily out-talk, out-moveout-climb even the most active child! (I can't lie, I'm pretty loud sometimes too. We're hardcore extroverts!) I'm a mama, wife, sister and all around family girl.

After almost 30 years in the downtown core of Montreal, I've fully embraced the suburban culture on the South Shore.  I love that the countryside is a 5 minute drive away, while still accessing the heart of the city in less than 20. I feel strong gratitude for all the hard work and great ideas coming from small businesses in Chateauguay. A suburb quickly filling up with young families from the city, I am dedicated to bringing Chateauguay businesses the marketing and web services they need to keep our community growing.

I greatly value love, kindness and all around positivity. While I love to swim, bike, hike and run, these days all my spare energy goes to making sure my kids grow up to be good people! 

I love that my work allows me to balance it all. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to work for the love of working, for the love of flexing my creative muscles and for the privilege of making quality connections, however small, along the way. 

"Liz is a pleasure to work with. She offers a level of customer service that is so rare today."

- Ingrid Bryson, TOILE Showroom