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What Is EVERGREEN Marketing & Content?

While it may seem as though the term 'Evergreen Marketing' is a new concept, it's a pillar of any good marketing strategy. Just as evergreen trees never lose their colour or their foliage, evergreen marketing retains it's value regardless of how the company changes. Therefore any evergreen aspects are highly deserving of both time and money.

However you wish to call it, the foundation of a strong and enduring online presence is as follows,

BRAND | What sets you apart, the quality your brand offers, the tone, and your commitment to customer service.

STORY | Where you came from, who you are and why you started your company.

CONTENT | Solid blogs, welcome emails, auto-replies and so on.

Why those three components?

Whether or not your company soars, dips, adds new product/services, branches out into sister brands or what have you, there are a few aspects of your business that will not falter. Here is a closer look at how you can establish 'Evergreen' marketing that will stand the test of time...and change.


Colours, fonts, and the focus of your brand can change depending on your offerings, your audience and what's on trend. What will not...or rather should not...change is the distinct qualities and characteristics that set you apart from your competitors.

Regardless of where you are in the process of creating, developing, maintaining or revamping your brand, take a second out and think about the following,

  • Apart from monetary gain, what is most important to me when it comes to my business?

  • Are my values, where business is concerned, apparent to my potential customers?

  • What aspects of customer service are non-negotiable?

These are questions that must stay top of mind when it comes to branding, and they deserve your time and thought. Once you know what your priorities are, allow these to shape and guide your brand. No matter how your company grows or changes your integrity will always shine through.

Customers - regardless of what business you're in - value trust and integrity.


If the last five years have taught us anything, it's that customers appreciate a good story. Even the most professional company should lend to their roots, in an effort to remain relatable to their audience. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that even when the world as we know it collapses, customer loyalty can support a business through the worst of times.

If you haven't considered including your story in your company profile, you should. So, where to begin? Think about the following,

  • Is my family history part of how I've arrived at my business? If not, you can leave that part out.

  • What part of my life - childhood, schooling, early employment, experiences - put me on the path to starting my company?

  • What is important to me in terms of my business philosophy? Review your must-have values under Evergreen Branding.

Consumers want to feel connected to a brand. They are interested in commonalities - in history, values, commitments to your suppliers and employees. Have you made adjustments to supporting a healthy planet, a healthy atmosphere for your employees? Are you part of a group or committee for the greater good? You don't need to mention names, but you can offer transparency.

Make sure you include the story of how and why your company came about and the goals and values you are committed to. Be honest. There is no reason to embellish or make up a story. Integrity is far more valuable than perfection or nuance.

If you include your bio and that of your employees, be sure to list core values for consistency. Let the world see that your team is not merely superficial but a group of individuals, passionate about your company's offerings.

The time and energy you spend nailing your story is pure gold. No matter where you find yourself in the years to come, these facts won't change, your story is evergreen.


Apart from your branding and your story - evergreen content is a major resource for online companies. Make sure to include key words (think, if my ideal client were to google my product/service, what would they search for?) Examples of content that never loses value are,

  • Blog Posts - Informative posts about your services/products, educational posts on how to select, use or maintain products, entertaining posts about the trade or common struggles your consumers face. TIP: Avoid quoting prices or time sensitive information in your evergreen posts. Link to product/service pages instead, avoiding the need to update past entries or risk having the posts become irrelevant.

  • White Papers - Create brochures, how-to's, checklists and more that are both educational and practical for your customers. Not only can they be used as leverage for capturing emails, they will forever be accessible to search engines.

  • Welcome Emails - A good email template will never go to waste. Keep simplicity in mind, so that if your logo or colours do change in time, it just requires a quick tweak as opposed to a major overhaul. Think about the message and the tone instead, creating a solid and long lasting welcome.

  • Auto-Replies - Like welcome emails, stay simple and focus on attention grabbing, motivational text for the purpose of each auto-reply. Unless your policies change, there will be little revision required.

Whether you are looking to create content for your website, establish a strong online presence across multiple platforms or find content for your social marketing, evergreen content will carry you a long way.

Dedicate time and energy into creating these pieces. Don't forget to include your brand's go-to keywords. Always splinter your content once it's ready.

You work hard to run and grow your company. Call it evergreen marketing or just common sense - either way it will make for a sturdy foundation that your clients, search engines and the like can call on for years to come.

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